Learn How To Fish Rivers and Streams

Want to learn more about rivers & streams? You’re in the right place. Last year we fished lakes, but this year we’re going to venture out into more winding waterways. Below you’ll find the culmination of my notes, taken while preparing. Make sure to subscribe for updates; I plan to share much more as I learn while exploring new areas!

What is a River Channel / Where are they Located?

[—– Section 1 —–]
What is a Channel & Where is it Located?
We’ll begin by discussing what a channel is and how you can find the deepest water in your stream or river without the use of a depth finder.

Understanding Current in Rivers & Streams

[—– Section 2 —–]
Understanding Current in Rivers & Streams
Let’s discuss why many streams and rivers have a pool-riffle-run pattern, and how you can use this information to find certain species of fish.

Cover & Current Breaks in Rivers & Streams

[—– Section 3 —–]
Cover & Current Breaks [Part 1]
Next, we’ll take a look at the streams and rivers that have the best cover, why that is, and talk a bit about the fish that use this prime real estate.

Cover and Current Breaks that form Eddies in Rivers and Streams

[—– Section 4 —–]
Cover & Current Breaks [Part 2]
In this section we’ll take a look at several areas you can expect to find slack-water eddies; areas where fish rest and avoid the current.

Preferred Temperatures of Warmwater Gamefish

[—– Section 5 —–]
Preferred Temp Ranges of Warmwater Gamefish
Combining the preferred temperature range with the ideal current speed will help you zero in on areas that hold your favorite fish species.

Changing Temperatures in Rivers & Streams

[—– Section 6 —–]
Changing Temperatures in Rivers & Streams
In current – nothing is constant. River and stream temperatures will change in different areas depending on these factors.

Food & Forage in Rivers and Streams

[—– Section 7 —–]
Food & Forage in Rivers & Streams
To find the fish – first find the food. Quality rivers & streams offer a bevy of forage for all sizes of gamefish under different conditions.

How Streams Change

[—– Section 8 —–]
How Streams Change
The cutting force of current keeps streams and rivers in a constant state of flux. Learn how new areas are formed as old areas move.

Fluctuating Water Levels in Rivers & Streams

[—– Section 9 —–]
Fluctuating Water Levels
Water levels go up. Water levels go down. With that in mind, where do the fish move during these high and low water periods?

Threats to Stream Habitat

[—– Section 10 —–]
Threats to Stream Habitat
As outdoorsmen and women, the vast majority of us want to take care of nature for future generations. Understanding these threats first will help.

The Rules of River Navigation

[—– Section 11 —–]
The Rules of River Navigation
When another boat is approaching you, when should you speed up? Who has the right-of-way? What do common signs & buoys mean?

Common River Hazards

[—– Section 12 —–]
River Hazards
Rivers and streams have many of the same hazards as lakes and reservoirs – but many that are different as well. Stay safe. Watch out for these…

International Scale of River Difficulty

[—– Section 13 —–]
International Scale of River Difficulty
If you’re planning to attack some river rapids get familiar with this difficulty scale – and remember that high water means faster rapids!

Top 5 Baits for Rivers & Streams

[—– Section 14 —–]
Top 5 Baits for Streams & Rivers
When you’re ready to set out on your next stream fishing adventure, make sure to put these 5 presentations in your bag or tackle box.

Creek Fishing Adventures

[—– Section 15 —–]
Creek Fishing Adventures
This series wouldn’t be complete without an intro to John Dalton, who runs the excellent Creek Fishing Adventures YouTube Channel.

checking water levels in illinois rivers & streams

[—– Section 16 —–]
Check the Local Water Level in Rivers & Streams

Make sure you don’t waste time like I did recently and head out when the water is too high to fish. Check these tools first and be safe out there!

The Most Important Creek Fishing Tip for More Bass in the Fall

[—– Section 17 —–]
The Most Important Fall Creek Fishing Tip
To call this fall morning “brisk” would be a gross understatement. Air temps? About 40 degrees. Can we still find smallmouth bass? Oh… you bet…

aj hauser matt straw smallmouth bass fishing tips

[—– Section 18 —–]
Smallmouth Bass Fishing Tips from Matt Straw

Want a few extra tips that will help you load the livewell with smallmouth bass? Check out these tidbits from Matt Straw (In-Fisherman).

Let’s put this knowledge to use in the field!
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