Creek Fishing Adventures

Creek Fishing Adventures


The word that jumps out at you most when you watch John Dalton fish, is humility.

If you want to learn to fish creeks & streams, you will not find a better guide on YouTube. John began taking his viewers on adventures in his home state of Tennessee on June 22nd, 2016. A video titled “Creek Fishing with Kids” was created to set things in motion, released to zero subscribers…

Fast forward to today: Creek Fishing Adventures has 480 videos and is quickly closing in on 82,000 subscribers at the time of writing. John now travels the country and has been working his passion project full-time since 2019.

But that’s not the most impressive part.

The most impressive part, is that John is a fearless advocate of his faith in God.

In the current state of our fallen world, if you want to find the strongest men – you need not look further than those willing to speak of such things. John often closes his videos with scripture. He is not pushy, he is not preachy – he simply shares something within the Word that is speaking to him that day.

His viewers may not realize it, but he is giving them more than entertainment. More than fishing tips. More than bait reviews, interviews and snack recommendations. He is in fact sharing what we both believe to be the most important thing. Faith in God. He is planting seeds while being a humble servant.


Come on out tonight @6pm to the Shenandoah Baptist Church in Cleveland, TN. Christian nature documentary and a chili supper afterwards
Come on out tonight @6pm to the Shenandoah Baptist Church in Cleveland, TN. Christian nature documentary and a chili supper afterwards.

Creek Fishing Advice

In terms of fishing, I didn’t think our free Learn How to Fish Rivers & Streams section would be complete without mentioning Creek Fishing Adventures. After you’ve had a chance to look through the information there – after giving yourself some time to soak up some additional knowledge that will serve you on the water – then I invite you to head over to the CFA YouTube Channel and subscribe.

The subscriber count currently sits just below 82,000. Let’s do what we can to help push that number up over 6 figures and support the cause – both fishing & faith.

John Dalton Creek Fishing Adventures
John Dalton: Creek Fishing Adventures – Nice Largemouth Bass

Big Smallmouth Bass on a Nikko Hellgrammite

If you’re looking for a sample – check this video out where John uses the Nikko Hellgrammite. My opinion? Nikko needs to do a John Dalton Signature Series for CFA – he put them on the map!

You can also learn more about CFA and speaking of support, buy some merch after clicking the link over on the official website:

Moving Forward

Most posts on this website are fishing-focused… but sometimes you come across someone doing work that speaks volumes, and it’s more than just fishing. Yet the beautiful thing about this sport is that it can all go hand-in-hand.

Most of us have never felt closer to God than we do when we are on the water at daybreak. The sun edges itself up over the trees. The water is calm but glistening. You can hear birdsong over the slight breeze and the rustle of the leaves. It’s chilly – but not cold. Not uncomfortable.

There is so much order all around you. It’s hard to not take a pause and be grateful… tap… tap…


Fish on.

Here’s to the next adventure.

Let's get better.

Tight lines my friends.

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