Learn How to Fish Reservoirs

Lakes, rivers and reservoirs all hold fish. They’re also very different from one another. The latter can experience a wide swing of changes in clarity, depth and temperature in a given season. I’ll be fishing more reservoirs very soon, so it seemed like a good idea to share my preparation notes. I hope they help you! Make sure to subscribe for updates; I plan to share much more as I go.

Differences in Natural Lakes & Reservoirs

[—– Section 1 —–]
Differences in Natural Lakes & Reservoirs
Let’s look into some of the primary differences between natural lakes, rivers and reservoirs. The more we know, the more we’ll catch.

The prespawn period

[—– Section 2 —–]
The Prespawn Period (55°F to 65°F)
The ice is melting, days are longer, and that dirty Old Man Winter is finally packing it up. Things are moving below the surface…

Stable Summer Water Fishing Period

[—– Section 3 —–]
The Summer Period (Over 70°F)
The days are long. The nights are calm. The bugs are back and the weather is stable. Where have the fish decided to set up?

Fall into Winter Transition

[—– Section 4 —–]
Fall into Winter (70°F & Cooling)
The sun sets earlier each day and all of your buddies are packing it up & planning to sit in a tree stand… or a La-Z-Boy.

Fishing Prespawn Muddy Water in Reservoirs

[—– Section 5 —–]
Prespawn Reservoir Fishing Scenarios
How is high, muddy water different from dropping, muddy water? What changes can we make to up our odds with the fish?

Fishing Muddy Reservoir Water in Summer

[—– Section 6 —–]
Summer Reservoir Fishing Scenarios

Temperature swings are less of an issue due to summer stability. However muddy water can still make things tough, and summer is different than prespawn.

Fishing Fall Muddy Water Reservoirs

[—– Section 7 —–]
Fall Reservoir Fishing Scenarios
Water temperatures are dropping. Air temperatures are dropping. Should we change up our presentations, or just make another s’mores?

Let’s put this knowledge to use in the field!
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