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Welcome. This site is a living journal filled with fishing notes & tips. It’s a place for anglers to discuss Minimalist Fishing. Join us, and develop better behaviors so you can catch more fish with less frustration.

What is Minimalist Fishing?

Minimalist Fishing is the careful accumulation of quality fishing behaviors, knowledge, skill, technique and gear. Things that do not provide genuine value & results are freely – intentionally – discarded. Minimalist Fishermen catch more fish by constantly evaluating and optimizing what they do on and off the water. They keep what works, and toss what doesn’t.

Posting Cycle

Articles and videos are posted every week. Here’s what you can expect:

Weekly Fishing Motivation
An interesting concept to chew on this week while you make time to fish.

Fisherman Health & Wellness
Learn to take better care of yourself so you can feel better, fish better, and live better.

The Fishing Archives
Fishing articles and information from past to present.

Fishing Stories
Things happen out there. Some real. Some imagined. All interesting.

Fishing Photography
An image or gallery from the field, or in the workshop.

Fishing Videos
Grab a coffee and relax with some videos from The Minimalist Fisherman and Stars & Bars Fishing. TMF focuses on techniques, projects & reviews while S&B focuses entirely on in-the-field adventures.

* Additional articles focused on fishing product reviews, fishing rigs & mods, fishing projects, fishing lure reviews and fishing advice, gear & techniques are posted as they are completed.

The Minimalist Fisherman catches more fish by constantly evaluating and optimizing what he does on and off the water.
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A Minimalist Fisherman continuously evaluates every aspect of their fishing gear, knowledge and skill. They quickly discard things that do not provide real value. “Value” is defined by you, the fisherman.

Minimalist Fishermen will seek out the most important presentations, the most essential tools, the most meaningful knowledge and the most significant skills to efficiently master their craft. This process inevitably leads to more successful days on the water, and more fish in the boat.

These concepts have helped me in many ways, and I know they can help you as well. If you have a question, just ask. If you’d like to read something a bit more personal, here’s an article from when I started The Minimalist Fisherman.

Tight Lines & Godspeed, Patriots.

AJ Hauser

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