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Good morning brothers.

Periodically readers will contact me to share tips, tricks, strategies – even send me physical gear and lures for use & review. This is really cool, because when someone takes the time (and pays for shipping) to share something they likeI take it very seriously. Brother Ron D and I have had many discussions regarding everything from family to technique – and I’ve posted a few because I feel they are beneficial for you as well. For example:

how much is too much to spend on fishing gear
Like Brother Ron R. says: “It’s not an EXPENSE it’s an INVESTMENT!”

Let’s look into a few other emails that I saved from Ron D where he shares some of his clever bass fishing bait modifications… this is all good stuff. Check it out:

[In response to an email I sent about Pop ShadZ and Hard Leg FrogZ]

AJ – as usual, your reply is intelligent and thought out. The Pop ShadZ and Hard Leg FrogZ are indeed great recommendations. However, I’m purely ultralight, so throwing around 4″ – 5″ baits is not part of my fishing ethos.

As mentioned, the FrogZ for not being a popper “pops” nicely when jerked correctly and makes splashes. However, if you need more splash, find a used plastic container (juice, pop bottle, take out container lid, etc), cut out a dime sized circle, heat a nail and punch a hole through. Voila! Any Z-man floating bait (even worms) is now a popper! Feeling particularly artsy-fartsy and creative? Take the plastic and try different shapes. Or heat it gently and press it into a rounded surface (I prefer the rounded head of a ball peen hammer) to make it more cupped. Maybe you and the kids can do this for arts and crafts day!! Feel free to try this and report back.

Ron Durocher Homemade Popper Modification
Ron D. Homemade Popper Modification. Clever.

As far as the Chatterbait goes… ya…it’s not a lie that thing likes pond muck. But it’s fine for going through weeds. Many people get the bulk of their hits after pulling it to unhook in the weeds…that change of pace/sound is what gets them apparently.

Ron Durocher Chatterbait Modification
Ron D. Chatterbait Modification

I think it’s “better” in dirty ponds/channels where muddy or stained water is present. The fish can’t see as well, so the added chatter is like having a swim jig deluxe model! LOL… but as you point out, the blades can be muck magnets if those conditions occur. To alleviate this, I’m using the smallest Chatterbait Micro, 1/8th ounce. I have it topped with a cut down Hula StickZ in “The Deal” color. As you can see in the photo, the blade is scarcely larger than my thumbnail.

The crappie sure did like it and the bass too! But as with any tool in the box, you need to use it correctly and appropriately.

A Better Fishing Scale?

Here is what I use… it’s a digital luggage scale. It’s accurate. It’s compact. It’s inexpensive. Maybe $10 plus $2 for a spring clamp?

It works.

Ron Durocher Luggage Low Profile Fish Scale
Ron D. Low Profile Luggage Fish Scale

I know that second tip was kind of random – but dang it – it’s clever! I just ordered a Digital Luggage Scale to use for weighing fish, and when it arrives I’ll test it on some different weights in the basement to see how accurate it really is.

As always, if you have every contacted me in any way – thank you. If you’ve ever shared gear or donated, thank you. My goal when I started this website was to meet some new friends that I could learn from, and discuss fishing with. Nobody has a lock on knowledge last I checked, and in every situation we can learn something.

Hopefully I’m able to share more as people contact me, and the rising tide will raise all ships.

Tight Lines & Godspeed, Patriots.

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