How To Catch Your Next PB (Personal Best)

how to catch your next PB personal best fishing

Good morning brothers.

Here’s a fun question: will Minimalist Fishing lead to your next personal best?


Full stop.

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Oh really??

Why Does Minimalist Fishing Leads to More PBs?

The primary tenet of Minimalist Fishing is to constantly optimize. Optimize yourself, optimize your knowledge, optimize your experiences, and finally – optimize your gear. Gear is mentioned last on purpose. The emphasis is on getting better in every way – not becoming a collector.

The gear we use (think baits, rods, reels, boat, electronics…) is not as important as the know-how.

What good is any tool, without the knowledge to use it?

What good is any weapon, without the experience to wield it?

By focusing on the (dull!) education & theory surrounding fishing, instead of the (shiny object!) nifty new baits – we become better anglers. New tools are cool… they’re addictive and fun to buy… but they come second. Do not put the cart in front of the horse.

If you embrace Minimalist Fishing, you will probably start to enjoy learning, build a stronger foundation – and beat your PBs. I guarantee it, and I’ve seen it happen twice this year alone.

minimalist fishing pb monster smallmouth bass jen wisconsin lake minimalist fishing
My wife with her PB smallmouth bass…
Minocqua Fishing Wisconsin Bass Base Box Big Bass Baits Wisconsin
Here’s how she did it!
marty big bass 1
Brother Marty with his PB largemouth bass…
does minimalist fishing really work
Here’s how he did it!

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My kids have all caught more & bigger fish than I had at their age… that alone is worth the time & effort. You can do the same for your family.

Tight Lines & Godspeed, Patriots.

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