3-Second Fishing Rod Holder (Very Clever Product)

3 second rod holder lunker trail review

Good morning brothers!

I am happy to report that my ridiculous nose-infection has dropped back down, from 100% swollen to about 12%. So, that means it’s back to work, and back to fishin’! In the following video I wanted to show you (and install) a very clever rod holder I just purchased.

Earlier this year I made some vertical rod holders out of PVC… and they came with a few hassles. This addition to the customized jon boat will allow me to add or remove rod holders in 3-seconds flat.

Check it out –

3-Second Rod Holders? Yup.
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If you want to pick up a few for yourself, check out the Lunker Trail Website – I was extremely impressed with how fast these guys processed my order, and it looks like their home pase is right in Missouri.

More on this product soon… hope you get out today, and have a great weekend!

Tight Lines & Godspeed, Patriots.

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