MONSTER BASS at Snapping Turtle Pond!

Snapping Turtle Pond Hawg Alert

Good morning brothers.

So, I have these hooks… and they are vicious looking little dudes… but, I haven’t been able to find a good use for them for years. Gear that sits like this, unused, needs to be tossed, round-filed – minimized.

However, while rolling them back and forth in my hands, lightning struck. On a recent bank-fishing trip to Snapping Turtle Pond I was able to fish stickbaits and wakebaits very effectively, but there was a major problem

When I would get a bass up near the shore, the act of lifting the fish 10 feet high in the air, up and over the tall reeds & grass, resulted in several lost fish. They would either get stuck and fall back in the water, or my little wacky hook would simply pop free – releasing the fish before I had a chance to give ’em a smooch.

I needed a longer pole, heavier gear, and a hook that would stay put when lifting fish up and out. The CHT Double Wacky Hook paired with a stout spinning setup and heavy braid-to-fluoro fit the bill. Now the good news is that I have about 6 more of these, and they will last for a while – the bad news is that I’m not sure if they’re still making ’em… if anyone has any idea, please comment. Might be a good idea for me to send them an email right now just to check…

If you fish from the bank, check this out and go get some hawgs!

Lifting Fat Bass High Into the Air
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  1. The Lunkerhunt Battle Beetle is something that I will try again. However, it has two exposed trebles on the back. On this trip the slight amount of floating debris made this bait unusable.
  2. The CHT Double Wacky Hook allowed me to lift big fish up and over the tall shoreline reeds & grass. This hook did not pop free as easily as a single wacky hook on previous trips.
  3. The o-ring allows the maximum amount of hook to be exposed – just like using o-rings with a standard wacky hook. Cool feature.
  4. Big fish will hide right up next to shore if there is adequate cover and they feel safe.
  5. It all comes down to balance. When I’m fishing clear water, I go as light and natural as possible, but in a place like this increasing the size & strength of the entire rig is a must.

On to the next adventure.

Tight Lines & Godspeed, Patriots.

Thank you Readers!

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