Learn How to Fish a Swim Jig

The swim jig is hands down one of the best fish-catching presentations of all time. Whether you are fishing a river or lake, a rocky shoreline or weedy flat – taking some time to learn how to use a swim jig will put more fish in the boat. Make sure to subscribe for updates; I plan to share much more as I go deeper with this presentation!

What is a Swim Jig

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What is a Swim Jig?
We’ll begin by discussing what a swim jig is – where they came from, what makes them unique, where they excel and how to use them.

Top 10 Swim Jigs

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Top 10 Swim Jigs
Take a look at this list featuring 10 tasty swim jigs with different patterns & features to help you match the hatch in any situation you’re fishing.

Top 5 Swim Jig Trailers

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Top 5 Swim Jig Trailers
Now that we’ve selected a few swim jigs, it’s time to pair them with the proper trailer based on forage, cover and water clarity.

Custom Swim Jigs Made to Order

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Custom Swim Jigs Made to Order
Looking for something a bit more customized? Take a peek at this swim jig manufacturer that has built quite a reputation.

6 Swim Jig Strikes

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6 Swim Jig Strikes!
Time to put my money where my mouth is and show you 6 bruisers landed last season using some of the exact same gear we just covered!

Pro Tips and Swim Jig Strategies

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Pro Tips & Swim Jig Strategies
Swim jigs work – but don’t take my word for it. Let’s hear what some of the guys that fish for a living have to say about this versatile technique.

3 Killer Swim Jigs to Start With This Season

[—– Section 7 —–]
3 Killer Swim Jigs to Start with this Season
We’ve done our homework – now let’s get out there and get to work! These are the 3 saucy little swim jigs I’m starting with this season.

Key Features of a Quality Swim Jig

[—– Section 8 —–]
Key Features of a Quality Swim Jig
Not all swim jigs are created equal. Let’s go over the nuances that make some jigs work well… and some fail miserably.

the complete beginners guide to micro swimbaits

[—– Section 9 —–]
The Complete Beginners Guide to Micro-Swimbaits
Swim jigs catch fish – but have you given any micro options a try? Check out these saucy little nuggets and catch more fish this season!

Let’s put this knowledge to use in the field!
Head over to YouTube for more info, action and some high-quality fish!

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