The Complete Beginners Guide to Micro-Swimbaits | When, Where & How

the complete beginners guide to micro swimbaits

Micro-Swimbaits are a great way to catch fish of every size. A micro-swimbait imitates food… really, really well. Any fish that eats smaller fish will strike these baits.

However, not all micros are created equal. In this video we reviewed some of the best micro-swimbaits that I came across last year. They were a pleasant surprise, and they helped me catch crappie, green sunfish, bluegill, pumpkinseed, perch, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, trout and yes – even drum.

This video goes over the features & unique aspects of the bait, along with tips & tactics for using them that apply to other micro-swimbaits as well. Check it out and feel free to ask questions below:

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The Mule Jig paired with a Donkey Tail (by Ethan Dhuyvetter) allows you to cover water quickly while targeting gamefish of every size. The light-wire hooks mean you can use it on ultra-light tackle, and the small paddletail is irresistible to panfish, attractive to larger fish, and durable enough to take a beating and keep on catching ’em! Quite the saucy little nugget, and now a staple in my freshwater fishing backpack.

For the full written review of Mule Jigs & Donkey Tails, click here.

Mule Jig Donkey Tail by Ethan Dhuyvetter (The Online Outdoorsman)
Mule Jig Donkey Tail by Ethan Dhuyvetter (The Online Outdoorsman)
Donkey Tail Mule Jig Largemouth in the Rain
A nice Mule Jig largemouth bass caught in the drizzle…
Mule Jig Donkey Tail Green Sunfish Pumpkinseed
Panfish love these micro-swimbaits as well.

Good luck – and tight lines.

Some days… it all comes together…

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