Beautiful Smallmouth Bass Snatches Z-Man TRD MinnowZ (Awesome Wisconsin Fishing!) #short

Beautiful Smallmouth Bass Snatches Z-Man TRD MinnowZ short 20

Z-Man TRD MinnowZ can be very effective on a wide variety of gamefish. I’ve used them to catch panfish like crappie and aggressive bluegill, green sunfish and pumpkinseed – even largemouth bass – but nobody seems to love ’em as much as Mr. Smalljaw!

Smallmouth bass are suckers for jigworms. Especially jig worms with scent and salt… which was what made this catch a little surprising. Z-Man TRD MinnowZ are just plain ElaZtech. They do not contain salt like the traditional TRDs or Hula Sticks – but they can still work well in different situations.

On this warm afternoon I was fishing the tail end of the Manitowish Chain o Lakes up near Minocqua, Wisconsin. We had fished for about 90 minutes with just a few tiny bites, and my son had broken his pole.

Well… I broke his pole when I was trying to snap his jig out of a tree he caught… but let’s not point fingers…

We continued to finesse fish along a beautiful woody shoreline – and as you can see, while finesse fishing can be slow, it can also be very productive!

Tight lines.

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Let me know what you think – and if you have any luck, share your fish pics on Instagram and either tag me or shoot me a message!

Tight lines!

Cold Weather Largemouth Email

“When will those bass come back shallow?!”
It’s an age old question for us bank fishermen. When did they move out… and when will they come back? Soon I hope…

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