Family Fishing: Panfish, Toads, Frogs & Snails!?

Panfish Toads Frogs & Snails

One of the nice things about staying at a place with a dock is that you have the ability to fish right out front – which is PERFECT for little ones. After a large storm passed we took the wee ones out fishing, and in the evening we took the boat out to look for smallmouth and walleye – and test Dad’s new custom rod (that replaced the old, broken one).

Time to fish.

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Let me know if you have any suggestions for improving, or a pond or creek to fish, or just want to say hey in the comments or on social media. I’m always trying to improve and appreciate your input. Thanks much!


Let’s get better.

Time of Year: 2nd Week of July
Temperature: 80+ degree water temp / post storm & overcast