Tough Bite: Early Season Illinois Largemouth Bass | MMB Ep. 1

Tough Bite for Early Season Illinois Largemouth Bass | MMB Ep. 1

The 2021 season has started and we are off to the races. If you’ve been with us for a while, you know that 2 years ago when I started to “get serious” about fishing in my home state (instead of just waiting until we went to Wisconsin every year to really get after it for 2 weeks) I caught 9 bass.

9 bass.

… and that was a BIG deal for me!

I’m just a website consultant that loves to fish. I need a clean, uncluttered area to work and keep my mind focused and clear, and I try to apply the same concepts to fishing. I want to get better for me and my family – that’s it.

So anyway, catching 9 fish man… it got me all fired up for last year. Well, last year turned out to be a banger. I caught 193 bass in Illinois and Wisconsin (and yes, I kept a spreadsheet) and many of those trips turned into episodes of Thursday Night Fishing.

This year, the goal is 250 bass and posting video updates throughout the entire season as fast as possible – not letting the footage pile up. I still have Thursday Night Fishing episodes to go through from last year that will post, but that will take place simultaneously with this years updates.

Also bought a new camera, new microphone, I’m playing around with 60 FPS instead of 24 (which is killing me) and trying to edit faster and better, which is a lot of fun but a lot of work.

I wish I had someone to help edits my videos and make them look great, and save me time, but I’m only one man… with a full time website development job and a family. Very blessed? Yes. Very busy? Also yes 🙂

Enough about me – let’s kick this party off and get into some fish – it’s gonna be a good year!!

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The Hunt for 250 continues…

Bass Count for the Season: 3

Location: Northern Illinois
Time of Year: 1st Week of April / Afternoon
Weather: Overcast & Windy
Air Temperature: 50°F

Power Rig: Baitcaster w/ Killer Little Swimbait
Finesse Rig: Spinning w/ F4 Rigged Zoom Fluke

Let’s get better.

Some days… it all comes together…

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Fishing is always fun – especially in Wisconsin – but it isn’t always as exciting as we’d like it to be. However, the slow days are what makes us appreciate the days when everything seems to come together, and you find loads of fish… like on this awesome morning.

Let’s have some fun!