Motivation is Worthless: Develop Your Drive

Motivation is Worthless

Many of the topics that we cover here sprout from personal development. They’re lessons learned in business and life that get turned towards this activity we all love. This activity called fishing. In fact, this article will be categorized as Weekly Fishing Motivation, but it’s meant to be more than that… it’s meant to spark something in your soul. To give you something to chew on this week. To challenge you.

We all want to become better fishermen, but we should strive to become better men as well. Better fathers, better husbands, brothers, uncles, neighbors.

Better humans.

At the literal level, “fishing” is described as “the act of catching fish for sport or food.”

AJ Hauser Fishing Massive Illinois Crappie on a Jerkbait
“So… is this a dinner date? Because you look like a sandwich…”

Fair enough, but let’s go deeper.

What is fishing to people?

For some, it’s a leisurely activity.

To others, it’s a means of survival. Food.

There are anglers that love the chase. The adrenaline. The pursuit of that next big bite, fight & release.

This is boring to certain fishermen though, they need skin in the game. Competition.

Fishing guides have the stones to compete as well – with Mother Nature – knowing full well if they don’t put their client on fish, they might not get paid.

Professionals take competition to the max and make their living – or lack thereof – catching fish.

All of these fishermen seek something different, but they have one thing in common.

The desire to improve.

The leisurely fisherman wants to have more fun.

The hungry fisherman needs to eat consistently.

The adrenaline junkie needs his fix.

The competitive fisherman needs to win.

The fishing guide needs good reviews.

The professional fisherman needs sponsors and endorsements.

All of these happen as a result of improving.

Illinois Jerkbait Largemouth Bass AJ Hauser Lucky Craft SK 80 Jerk
Ah… nothing like a little “improvement” on the other end of the line…

So every week, as we talk about Fishing Motivation, I would hope that it stirs something in you. Stokes that desire to improve. Makes you set a new goal for yourself, or causes you to reflect on an idea while you’re on the water… but keep this in mind…

Motivation by itself is WORTHLESS.

A motivational speaker with a microphone can surely tickle the flesh. A well written article can rouse us from complacency. An inspirational video with powerful music can have the same effect – but that feeling fades. Quickly. What we really need to develop if we desire to improve, is drive.

Drive is what helps us get out of bed on a dark, dreary morning when the covers are just so comfortable. It helps us push through tough conditions. To do the work when the bite is tough. It gives us the courage to try new things. To put ourselves out there. To risk looking silly to others. To stay on the water when everyone else calls it quits.

It is our drive that stands firm when motivation fades.

And brother… it will fade…

When we talk about becoming a Minimalist Fisherman, the very first aspect relates to behaviors.

Minimalist Fishing is the careful accumulation of quality fishing behaviors, knowledge, skill, technique and gear.

Taken from: What is Minimalist Fishing?

This is intentional.

Behaviors are habits without the negative connotation.

These are the things that we do, even when we don’t want to do them. They are the actions, activities and rituals that need to be completed in order for us to achieve a desired outcome. A goal.

You have a goal… right?

If not, that’s a topic for another day…

Behaviors and drive are interchangeable.

They are far more important than motivation, and it is critical we define these differences so we can set our sights on targets that will truly help us become better anglers.

Think about that this week.

If you come across something on this site that motivates you, please tell me. That makes me happy.

But if you’re able to connect the dots and identify the behaviors that stand between where you are at, and where you really want to go as an angler, as a man, and as a human… then I will know I’ve really made a difference.

That’s one of my goals.

Develop your drive brothers.

Be aware of what that is, and don’t ever let a temporary lack of motivation slow you down.

Tight Lines & Godspeed, Patriots.

Thank you Readers!

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