Must-Have Tackle: Largemouth Bass Fishing in Illinois

must have tackle for largemouth bass illinois

It’s no secret. I currently travel the Land o’ Lincoln in search of the mighty largemouth bass. Some days the fishing is incredible, other days… not so much. Probably user-error more than location… or maybe Abe doesn’t want me catching all his fish?

abe lincoln funny deal with it
“Walk on home, boy.”

Whatever the reason, there are 4.3 presentations that I ALWAYS have with me no matter where I’m fishing in Illinois. I did a video on this last year (below). Based on the comments, some people loved it… others didn’t care for the fact that I made fun of our state.

Like it or not, I ain’t lyin’ 😉

These are proven producers:

  1. A moving topwater, like the Rage Tail Toad
  2. A topwater you can pause, like the Scum Frog
  3. A heavy Swim Jig
  4. A quality Stickbait

And #4.3? That’s gonna be a Jigworm. Start with a quality jig, add a slender floating worm with salt or scent – and work it around sparse cover whenever you can.

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Whether I’m fishing up around northern Illinois, or way, way down south (we got a looooong state y’all), these baits are with me so I can cover many kinds of water and fish the conditions effectively.

If you have any questions, just let me know.

Tight Lines & Godspeed, Patriots!

Cold Weather Largemouth Email

“When will those bass come back shallow?!”
It’s an age old question for us bank fishermen. When did they move out… and when will they come back? Soon I hope…

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