An Intro to Z-Man Pop ShadZ

an intro to z-man pop shadz

3 years ago I made a 20 minute video that should have been… I dunno… 4?


I was thinking about this yesterday, after working on some Popular Bass Fishing Presentations for EVERY Feeding Strategy. Figured what the heck, I’ll pull that ‘ol boy up and see what I was doing on video.

Oh Mylanta – this is cringe-city! Lord… I was also like 15 pounds heavier. At least.

You can tell in these older videos that I was completely depressed. Quite literally sad, as my business and home life were both on the rocks. There are a few jokes & smirks, but you can actually feel the anxiety and stress bubbling under the surface. Fishing was something I was trying to focus on to keep busy, to learn more about, to help me lay off the bottle.

So I post this today with two hopes:

  1. I hope that my inexperience and funny mistakes will inspire you to create. We’ve talked about how Motivation is Worthless, and Developing a Drive is Necessary, but being willing to suck and look like an idiot in public – for a long time – is also necessary. I still have a lot to learn, but just remember: if you don’t thicken your skin you’ll never create anything. That would be a shame.
  2. The Pop ShadZ have been a staple in my Base Box for almost 3 years now. With that in mind, it’s worth watching this video to glean the tidbits that make it such an interesting largemouth bass bait.
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Even though it’s a bit older, if you have any feedback, I’m all ears.

Hope you fellas get some fishing in this weekend.

Tight Lines & Godspeed, Patriots.

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