Illinois Smallmouth Bass Fishing: Top 3.4 Baits

Top 3.4 Baits Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Northern Illinois Fishing for Smallmouth Bass? Let’s do this. The following are my TOP 3.4 BAITS FOR ILLINOIS SMALLMOUTH that will put more of #bronzebacks in the boat (or on the shore)!

Illinois has a lot of issues… but one thing that we are blessed with is an abundance of smallmouth bass – and also sauger, saugeye, largemouth bass, drum, green sunfish and crappie – and some surprisingly beautiful areas to fish. If you know how to catch ’em, it’s JUST about enough to make you want to stay…

… not quite… but real close.

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Let’s get better.

Cold Weather Largemouth Email

“When will those bass come back shallow?!”
It’s an age old question for us bank fishermen. When did they move out… and when will they come back? Soon I hope…

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