Fishing w/ Kalin’s Jigs in Wisconsin | Multi-Species & Minimalist (Simple Tips Catch EVERYTHING) | MMB Ep. 34

Kalin's Jigs in Wisconsin MMB 34

Kalin’s by the Acme Tackle Company makes tournament grade tackle at reasonable prices for those of us that fish for fun. On a recent trip to Wisconsin (near Minocqua) we were presented with difficult conditions. Rain, temperature drops in both the air and water, and spooky fish.

Bass fishing at it’s finest.

We decided to look deeper for more stable water and work some weedy humps down 20 – 30 feet. After an hour probing the depths, we motored in to a stretch of shoreline with clumps of weeds separated by sunken timber and sandy bottom. After finding a few good clumps of weeds next to logs in about 15 feet of water – we hit pay dirt.

Later that afternoon we went out again to fish for smallmouth bass and northern pike, and we found some good fish in very similar locations. We also switched up to Z-Man plastics because of all the panfish – the leeches we were using in the morning were in short supply at the local bait shop. Guides took priority (as they should), so we had to use them sparingly.

My Kalin’s Hand-Tied Bucktail Jigs stole the show though, landing the most fish on the day (tipped with a leech), but a few other presentations worked on bass & pike as well.

Fishing w/ Kalin’s Jigs in Wisconsin | Multi-Species & Minimalist (Simple Tips Catch EVERYTHING)

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Bass Count for the Season: 128

Location: Northern Wisconsin
Time of Year: 2nd Week of July – All Day
Weather: Post-Storm Clear Skies & Afternoon Showers
Air Temperature: 52°F / 75°F

Power Rig: Baitcaster w/ 3/8 oz Kalin’s Hand-Tied Bucktail Jig & Leech
Finesse Rig: Spinning Rods w/ 1/8 oz Kalin’s Hand-Tied Bucktail Jig & Leech, Z-Man Plastics on Weighted Wacky Hook, Jig and Mini Texas Rig

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