Northern Wisconsin Summer Fishing Tips: Big Bass & Pike (Multi-Species Tactics Clear Minocqua Lakes) | MMB Ep. 35

MMB 35 Northern Wisconsin Summer Fishing Tips: Big Bass & Pike (Multi-Species Tactics Clear Minocqua Lakes)

Northern Wisconsin Fishing – especially near Minocqua – can be an absolute blast! BIG smallmouth bass and northern pike cruise these super-clear, cool waters. You’ll even find the occasional largemouth bass and musky. Other gamefish like crappie, bluegill and perch are present to round out your day or fill the livewell… and did I mention musky?

Wisconsin fishing at it’s finest.

On the previous morning we had decided to look for stable water in the 20 and even 30 foot range. Storms had plagued our trip, and the water temperature had actually cooled by about 10 degrees since we arrived. The search had paid off, and after finding some large clumps of weeds (with defined edges) peppered with scattered logs, we hit paydirt at a depth of about 15 feet.

This same pattern worked well on the OTHER side of the lake. We worked similar situations across a large shelf, or flat, and looked for clumps of weeds and sunken logs while making sure we paid attention to where the massive balls of bait were… because the smallmouth always seemed to be right behind…

My Kalin’s Hand-Tied Bucktail Jigs were responsible for the biggest smallmouth (tipped with a live leech) and I also used a 1/16 ounce Erie Dearie Hog Hunter Weedless Jighead with 1/2 of a Z-Man Hula Stick. I ended the day working a Strike King Swim-N-Shiner on a weighted swimbait hook through the weeds, landing the biggest pike I’ve ever pulled out of this lake.

Some days, it just all comes together.

Northern Wisconsin Summer Fishing Tips: Big Bass & Pike (Multi-Species Tactics Clear Minocqua Lakes)

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Bass Count for the Season: 133

Location: Northern Wisconsin
Time of Year: 3rd Week of July – Early Morning
Weather: Post-Storm Clear & Cool
Air Temperature: 50°F

Power Rig 1: Baitcaster w/ 3/8 oz Kalin’s Hand-Tied Bucktail Jig & Leech
Power Rig 2: Baitcaster w/ Strike King Swim-N-Shiner on Weighted Swimbait Hook
Finesse Rig: Spinning Rod w/ 1/16 oz Erie Dearie Hog Hunter Weedless Jighead with Z-Man Hula Stick

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Let’s get better.

Some days… it all comes together…

MMB 35 Northern Wisconsin Fishing Tips

Fishing is always fun – especially in Wisconsin – but it isn’t always as exciting as we’d like it to be. However, the slow days are what makes us appreciate the days when everything seems to come together, and you find loads of fish… like on this awesome morning.

Let’s have some fun!