Chasin’ Bass in the Rain | MMB Ep. 5

Chasin' Bass in the Rain | MMB Ep. 5

#TheHuntFor250 continues!

Finally caught a few decent bass… unfortunately, I was not dressed for the weather. Amazing how cold you get when you’re soaked through to the bone!

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Bass Count for the Season: 10

Location: Northern Illinois
Time of Year: 4th Week of April – Afternoon
Weather: Spittin’ Rain & Overcast
Air Temperature: 58°F

Power Rig: Baitcaster w/ Z-Man DieZel Minnow on an Owner Beast Hook w/ Spinner
Finesse Rig: Spinning Reel w/ Strike King 4″ Ocho on a VMC Wacky Weedless Hook

Oh hey, check this out – you can still get a free copy of Ned Rig Secrets – guaranteed to help you catch more fish!

Ned Rig Secrets by AJ Hauser
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Let’s get better.

Featured Video:

Ever caught a CRAPPIE this way?? Shhh… don’t tell your buddies…

A Crappie Fishing Secret

It’s So Easy the Kids Caught Fish Doing It, and it doesn’t involve a bobber

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