Catching Lots of Bass with Jig Worms (Simple Bass Fishing Technique)

Catching Lots of Bass with a Jig Worm

Jig worms are one of the easiest presentations to use when it comes to targeting bass, especially if you are new to fishing or want to get your kids using something that is a bit more active than a bobber. They have the potential to catch numbers of fish – or a monster. Largemouth and smallmouth bass love these little bite-sized morsels. They look like an easy meal.

A minnow. A leech. A little snake. Who knows? Food. Easy food. That’s what matters.

You can fish them from the shore just as easily as you can fish them from a boat. Skip them under docks, work rip-rap shorelines, pick apart underwater timber, points and cuts, or other familiar structure where fish set up shop.

Remember to be mindful of that exposed hook.

Over the years I have caught bass ranging from bite-sized themselves to just under 4 pounds on a simple plastic worm less than 4 or 5 inches in length on a small jig head. I’ve used many brands… but the brand is less important than the size and color which should be selected based on the local forage and bottom composition (at least as a starting point).

In this video we’ll use Hula Sticks, a Z-Man product that floats – which means the worms stand straight up off the bottom when they are at rest – on an Eagle Claw / Trokar jig head that weighs in at 1/16 oz. My son used a Gopher Tackle Mushroom Head Jig in the same weight. This is perfect because the local forage is small baitfish – not shad, but minnow-shaped… small… well… minnows. I’m not sure what species, but they’re slender!

Wind was not a factor, and the water was no deeper than 7 feet at any point.

Time to fish.

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Let me know if you have any suggestions for improving, or a pond or creek to fish, or just want to say hey in the comments or on social media. I’m always trying to improve and appreciate your input. Thanks much!


Let’s get better.

Time of Year: 3rd Week of June
Temperature: 76 degrees / morning / slight wind