Testing a Rapala Scatter Rap on Bass

Testing a Rapala Scatter Rap on Bass

The Rapala Scatter Rap is a unique little hard bait that incorporates an oddly shaped lip that causes the lure to wiggle back and forth erratically on the retrieve. Since I didn’t have a lot of experience working crankbaits, I decided to tie this one on hoping it would “do some of the work” for me.

This was not because of laziness… it was simply due to my lack of confidence.

Fortunately, I got some good fish, some good casts and some good experience – and that’s what it’s all about! Getting better. This was the beginning of “Crankbaits 101” for me, something that has paid big dividends throughout the remainder of the season. I definitely had a lot to learn though… and this was only the beginning.

Time to fish.

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Let me know if you have any suggestions for improving, or a pond or creek to fish, or just want to say hey in the comments or on social media. I’m always trying to improve and appreciate your input. Thanks much!


Let’s get better.

Time of Year: 4th Week of June
Temperature: 78 degrees / afternoon / slight wind