Cabin Creek Bait Company Oval Sinkin’ Worms | Product Review & Field Test

PRODUCT REVIEW: Cabin Creek Bait Company Oval Sinkin' Worms

Product Summary: Oval Sinkin’ Worms

The Oval Sinkin’ Worm, by the Cabin Creek Bait Company, is a salt-loaded stickbait that comes in multiple fish-catching colors and sizes ranging from 4.25″ to 5.5″. We’ve all seen (and fished) the classic stickbaits like the Yamamoto Senko, and the YUM Dinger, but companies have started to add subtle differences to their stickbait offerings to make them stand out from the pack.

Cabin Creek Oval Sinkin' Work | Product Review

This is good news for all of us anglers… because it means more fish!

Cabin Creek Salty Sinkin' Worm | Largemouth Bass
A nice largemouth bass over two pounds: Click Here to Watch the Video

For example, Strike King offers a sweet little number called The Ocho, that brings 8 flat sides to the table, giving the bait a slightly different movement on the drop.

Cabin Creek decided to “smash” this bait a bit, opting for an oval diameter instead of the traditional perfect circle.

Cabin Creek Oval Sinkin' Work | Product Review

This gives the Oval Sinkin’ Worm a slightly different shimmying action on the fall, and the bait comes loaded with enough salt to sink it without requiring additional weight. This means you have the option to fish the bait weightless (think wacky rig or weightless TX rig) depending on the wind, depth and conditions that you are fishing.

Cabin Creek Oval Sinkin' Work | Product Review

This also gives you the option to salt rub your bait – a technique we discuss in Ned Rig Secrets that helps give your bait a bit more lifelike flavor (salt is present in blood) and a slightly different look.

Subtle differences like this are a great way to target pressured, finicky fish. Show them something they haven’t seen before – something they haven’t been conditioned to.

Let’s talk about some of the features that come packed into this bait. I think you will agree that it’s a quality weapon to add to your fishing arsenal. One that works both when the fish are active, and when the bite gets tough!

Oval Sinkin’ Worm Colors & Options

This bait comes in two sizes at this time: a 4.25″ size that’s better suited for fishing in the spring or targeting smallmouth bass (or even large panfish… because yes, panfish will attack this thing) and a 5.5″ size that will get the attention of largemouth bass.

Need to select a color that blends in with your local cover or bottom composition – or looking for a bright color that will “shock” the fish? Rest assured, you can find something here that will work. Current colors include:

Smoke Purple
Green Pumpkin / Purple
Black & Blue
Watermelon Candy
Pumpkin Pepper / Orange
Green Pumpkin / Purple & Chartreuse Glitter
Pearl Hologram
Green Pumpkin / Blue Glitter
Candy Apple
Smoke / Blue & Green (not shown)
Watermelon Pepper / Red Glitter (not shown)
Green Pumpkin

Cabin Creek Salty Oval Sinkin' Worms Color Options

Oval Sinkin’ Worm Scent

The Oval Sinkin’ Worm comes with a fair amount of salt impregnated within the bait. It is not especially oily or scented – it smells like plastic but it’s subtle and doesn’t seem to be offensive to fish that engulf the bait. The ones I’ve hooked have hung on for plenty long, giving me ample time for a quality hookset.

Sinkin’ Worm Sink Rate & Rigging

The salt within the bait is dense enough to sink at a slow rate – not too fast, not too slow – which allows you to use the bait weightless if the wind and depth allow it. I paired mine with 8 pound fluorocarbon and a 3/0 Trokar Pro-V Worm Hook and fished it as a weightless Texas rig – see the image below (just remove the weight). If you need to get deeper or move faster, pop that weight back on!

The Texas Rig with a Senko Worm Setup

You can also fish this bait wacky style, on a Carolina rig, suspend it below a float for smallmouth bass or put it on an F4 Rig… the options are endless.

Oval Sinkin’ Worm Durability and Stretch

This bait is dense. It is hearty, not super soft like a Zoom Zlinky. It will easily last through several fish, and that’s good – because as baits like this get chewed up, more salt is allowed to come through to the surface, making them even more effective. The plastic is not super-stretchy like Z-Man ElaZtech baits, but in many situations this is preferred.

Cabin Creek Oval Sinkin' Work | Product Review

Cost to getcha some Salty Sinkin’ Worms

Currently these baits can be purchased directly from the Cabin Creek Bait Company website:

$5.99 per pack
QTY: 10

Cabin Creek Oval Sinkin' Work | Product Review

Sinkin’ Worm Summary

In my personal opinion, these baits are fantastic. Granted they are a little more expensive than some other baits on the market, but they are unique and produced by a smaller company. They are well made and hearty. Tough. This combined with their unique shape and action provide an extreme value.

It is hard to differentiate yourself on the water. Fish in many locations – especially those in pressured lakes & ponds with loads of fishermen throwing the most popular baits – very quickly become conditioned to bait profiles, colors and sounds with negative consequences.

Do your homework.

You can find out what the locals are throwing just by visiting the closest BigBox store. Look on the shelves and you’ll see what people are buying and using… then try to zig when they zag if you want to catch more fish.

How to Find Baits That Work for Bass What is Everyone Using BigBox
The products ON the shelves is are as important as the ones that AREN’T.

Bass are experimental eaters, but they are also smart. They can learn. If a bass eats 10 YUM Dingers thrown by 10 different anglers and they get a hook in their face every time – they’ll stop eating things that look like a Dinger!

The Cabin Creek Oval Sinkin’ Worm brings enough differentiation to the table that I can definitely recommend you add a few colors and sizes to your tacklebox – just as I have. They are well worth the cost and I’ll be fishing them hard for the remainder of this season and beyond.

If you would like to order your own you can visit:

Contact Information:

Cabin Creek Bait Company, LLC
213 Normandy Court
Nicholasville, KY 40356
(859) 333 – 6626

Watch the Cabin Creek Sinkin’ Worm in Action:

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