Don’t Use This Fishing Line (LOST 3 OF 4!) | MMB Ep. 15

Don't Use This Fishing Line (LOST 3 OF 4!) | MMB Ep. 15

Don’t ever use this fishing line… I lost 3 of 4 fish. Was I a bit “underpowered”? Yes… HOWEVER… I’ve pulled big bass out of here using 6 pound monofilament and 8 pound fluorocarbon many, many times. 10 pound test is MORE than I usually use.

Ah well… no skunk at least.

BASS IS BASS… and #TheHuntFor250 continues!

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Bass Count for the Season: 44

Location: Northern Illinois
Time of Year: 4th Week of May – Afternoon
Weather: Chilly & Overcast
Air Temperature: 48°F

Power Rig: N/A
Finesse Rig: Spinning w/ Spiderwire EZ Braid (Retired) & Cabin Creek Oval Sinkin’ Worms

Oh hey, check this out – you can still get a free copy of Ned Rig Secrets – guaranteed to help you catch more fish!

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An Easy-Reading 20 Page Guide. Simple Instructions. Beautiful Images. Fun Story – It’s All Here.

Let’s get better.

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