Wisconsin Bass Fishing for Timid Biters | MMB Ep. 33

Wisconsin Bass Fishing for Timid Biters MMB 33

Wisconsin bass fishing can be fun… and it can also be extremely challenging. This year when we went “up nort”, we were greeted with extremely hot temperatures – and 80 degree water. That was followed by storms, cool mornings, and a drop of about 10 degrees, all within 3 days.

Couple that with the fact that we were fishing an extremely clear, spring fed lake with extremely clear water… and you’ve got a recipe for one heck of a challenging trip.

But, we did what we had to do, put our heads down and kept grinding.

As you can see here, a handful of techniques worked, and we were able to make contact in areas that were similar to where we caught just a few good fish the 3 or 4 days prior.

Hard work makes victory so much sweeter!

Wisconsin Bass Fishing for Timid Biters

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Bass Count for the Season: 124

Location: Northern Wisconsin
Time of Year: 2nd Week of July – All Day
Weather: Bright, Clear Skies & Evening Storms
Air Temperature: 50°F / 76°F

Finesse Rig: Spinning Rods w/ Jigs, Leeches & Wacky Hula Sticks

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Let’s get better.

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