Testing a Saucy Z-Man DieZel Minnow | MMB Ep. 4

Testing a Saucy Z-Man DieZel Minnow | MMB Ep. 4

“The journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step.”

– George Washington

#TheHuntFor250 continues!

Tough bite today… again. We missed a good one – and this was the first “good one” we’ve seen. So as frustrating as it is to miss fish, this gives me hope and reminds me just how much these little fatties get my heart racing. Let’s keep getting after it!

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Bass Count for the Season: 8 (+2 mystery fish)

Location: Northern Illinois
Time of Year: 4th Week of April – Afternoon
Weather: Overcast & Calm
Air Temperature: 58°F

Power Rig: Baitcaster w/ Z-Man DieZel Minnow on an Owner Beast Hook w/ Spinner
Finesse Rig: F4 Rig w/ 4″ YUM Dinger

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Let’s get better.

Featured Video:

Ever caught a CRAPPIE this way?? Shhh… don’t tell your buddies…

A Crappie Fishing Secret

It’s So Easy the Kids Caught Fish Doing It, and it doesn’t involve a bobber

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