Subscriber Feedback: How To Paint Ruined Dardevle Spoons

Subscriber Feedback Repainting Ruined Dardevle Spoons

Not that long ago we created a video that went over a method of spoon refinishing that was a way to both have fun, and save a few bucks.

Repaint Refinish Old Pike Spoon Fishing
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After the video posted, a subscriber contacted me to ask a few questions – but also to share his results. This was awesome for two reasons: first, I love the fact that these videos are helping other anglers… but… it’s also really fun to connect with them and talk shop. To hear what they think and what elements of a video are important to them – and why:

Loved the painting spoon video I saw on YouTube. I’m excited to try this project, but quick question. What is the mesh again? You said your wife called it “tool?”

– Terry

Thanks Terry!
So the material I picked up was something called “tulle” that they have at WalMart. Weird spelling. I found some here. I think this was the exact kind I bought:


Hey again AJ,
They came out pretty nice! I just kept staring at them last night. Lol. I may have messed up the epoxy. It was the gorilla glue kind and it was sitting in my closet for like 3 years so the resin hardened up and didn’t mix well. Now it’s still sticky about 10 hrs later. We’ll see if I have to get a fresh tube and redo it but it looks great so far. Really appreciate your video. You have opened up my eyes to a whole new world! Guys are charging $17 for fluke spoons. No thanks! I’ll do it myself and have a lot more fun! Thanks again! God bless you and your family!

– Terry
Subscriber Feedback Custom Fishing Spoons Terry Woo
Subscriber Feedback Custom Fishing Spoons Terry Woo

Terry, those are awesome man! Thank you so much for sending that picture to me – this just made my day.
Where do you fish and what do you typically fish for? You’ll have to let me know who is selling fluke spoons for $17… maybe we need to go into business together…

– AJ

I fish saltwater in all parts of Long Island, NY. Love Fluke fishing. I want to epoxy everything now lol. Thanks again!

– Terry

It really did make my day.

It is a lot of fun when other anglers contact me through the site, email or snail mail, on Instagram or even just in the comment section of YouTube. There has been no shortage of hate over the years – but with nice emails and comments like what Terry sent me… it’s easy to let the bad stuff roll right off my back.

Hit me up – and tight lines!

Thank you Readers!

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