Illinois Crappie Fishing

S&B - Ep4 (ND 32) Illinois Crappie Fishing

Crappie fishing in Illinois is not always something that people think about when they’re fishing the Midwest. However, if the bass aren’t biting – take a look around and see if you can see any signs that tell you it might be time to switch gears and do a little bit of crappie fishing.

On this afternoon I only had an hour to fish, and I started with a jerkbait. I was hunting Illinois largemouth… but… 30 minutes and zero fish later, I realized that I had been seeing panfish and crappie up in the super-shallow rip rap. Fortunately, I always have a Mule Jig with some Donkey Tails on me for just such an occasion. These are small swimbait style lures that have a bunch of cool little features that I talk about in this comprehensive review.

Long story shore, we took a tough day of fishing that could have ended poorly, and turned it into one heck of a (short and intense) afternoon!

:::::GEAR LINKS:::::
Lucky Craft USA Pointer 100 SP
Mitchell Pro Spinning Reel
Mule Fishing Supply Co:

Let’s keep grinding.

Godspeed, Patriots.

Illinois Crappie Fishing

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Location: Northern Illinois
Time of Year: 2nd Week of May – Late Afternoon
Weather: Hot & Clear
Air Temperature: 94°F

Power Rig: Mitchell Pro Spinning Reel w/ Lucky Craft USA Pointer 100 SP and Strike King Ocho Stickbaits on Berkley Fusion 19 Weedless Wacky Hooks
Finesse Rig: Mule Jigs & Donkey Tails:

Oh hey, check this out – if you are working on a rod repair, grab this free checklist – I guarantee it will help you out!

Rod Repair Checklist Cover

Let’s get better.

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Want to Catch More Midwest Panfish & Bass??
Of course you do. Click the video link to watch a quick rundown of the panfish baits that have been working all year long!

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