2 SOLID Presentations for Midwest Largemouth Bass Fishing

S&B - Ep5 2 SOLID Presentations for Midwest Largemouth Bass Fishing

Largemouth Bass Fishing in Illinois typically starts to heat up when you begin noticing panfish and bass on their beds up shallow. Sometimes they will attack your bait… other times… not so much. Personally, I don’t like to target bass on beds. I feel that bothering largemouth bass doing the deed is disruptive… although I do succumb to the temptation from time to time.

I am human, after all.

Around my lakes, not all of the fish do the same thing at the same time. You can sometimes develop patterns between lakes – however – it seems like Lake A could have bass that are done spawning, while Lake B has bass that are in the middle of spawning – and these lakes might be just a few miles away from one another, slightly different in size and depth, and yet – the fish will be at different stages.

This will require further study, however, on this day I was able to land bass at Lake A using two unique presentations, and then hop over to Lake B, where I was able to target bass swimming out beyond the first drop off, behind the bedding bluegill.

Overall, it was a great day, and here are a few of the items I used to make it happen:

:::::GEAR LINKS:::::
Rapala Skitter Pop
Strike King Ocho Stickbait
Berkley Wacky Hooks
20lb Fluorocarbon
Trokar EWG Hooks
Grandebass Airtail Wiggler

Let’s get to grinding.
Godspeed, Patriots.


2 SOLID Presentations for Midwest Largemouth Bass Fishing

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Location: Northern Illinois
Time of Year: 3rd Week of May – Early Morning
Weather: Warming & Clear
Air Temperature: 54°F & Rising

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Let’s get better.

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