Fishing or Flirting? Political Detox: Week 2 Update

Political Detox Week 2 Update

I don’t remember the last time I took a picture with my wife.

We have 4 boys.

They’re crazy about her.

As they should be.

We do things with them. On vacation especially. It’s easy to make time for activities that are not the norm when you are on a trip. “We’re on vacation, so we have to go do vacation things!” But even when we’re not doing said vacation things, the kids are always around (thankfully). If my wife and I are in a picture together, it’s with the addition of 1 to 4 little boys.

Wisconsin Zoo Rabbits Bunnies Kids
Wildwood Wildlife Park Zoo & Safari in Minocqua, Wisconsin

No big deal… I mean… one of us has to manage the camera… we have enough pictures together… right?

… right?…

Well… no…

I am 2 weeks into a full-bore Political Detox.

Last week, I mentioned that the first 7 days allowed me to see how much I was not listening to my wife. When I say “listening“, I don’t mean “obeying” – this is not submissive exercise. A marriage is a partnership, and I was being a bad partner. She was carrying the events of her day at the hospital alone. I was not hearing her when she was speaking, because I was obsessed with the little glowing rage machine.

That has changed.

As a result, you can tell that she wants to be around me more. It’s the same on my side as well! I’m enjoying having real conversations that are beyond the stuff that we have to talk about.

You know the stuff…

What are we cooking this week? Who is taking the kids to the dentist on Wednesday? Are we painting those doors or leaving them for now? Should we do church Saturday or Sunday? School starts back up on what date?

This is the stuff that keeps life moving… but it’s boring.

With the newfound space for actual conversation, there is a change in the atmosphere. We like each other. We’ve always loved each other, but there is a playful banter that has resurfaced in our relationship.

It’s Flirting.

Do you remember when you were courting your wife? The compliments? The things you did to try to impress her? To make her laugh? To show how special she was to you?

Are you still doing those things?

If not… why not?

Because life.
Because job.
Because tired.
Because excuses.
Because these days we don’t even think about it.

I started this Political Detox hoping to do more fishing, and instead I’m doing more flirting.

Definitely unexpected, but let me let me tell you… that ain’t a bad thing!

Do you know what else happens when you genuinely invest your time and energy into the relationship you have with your wife?

Good things, fellas. I ain’t gonna spell it out for ya, but many, many, many good things…

The Fishing Keeps Getting Better, Too.

This was the original goal, and it has been successful. I was able to fish again after getting back from a 4-day Prison Ministry trip to Tennessee. What a great way to close out the evening after the 9-hour drive.

topwater bass z-man pop frogz
Nice largemouth that smashed a Z-Man Pop Frog

Tomorrow, I’ll get up early and hit the creek.

Oh, how I love fishing the creek.

Should have more time for it, too. I’ll start with a moving bait so I can cover water, and then switch to a slower presentation on the bottom as the sun comes up well over the tree line.

There will be smallmouth.

I can feel it.

But there is work to do between now and then. So for now, I think I’ll go give the misses a little pinch, perhaps a smooch on the cheek… maybe it’s time to set up a date night so we can get that picture with just the two of us?

It’s important, and I’m glad I can clearly see that again.

For the full explanation of what this Political Detox is, and the habits it’s addressing, please see: Fish for Bad Habits…

Click here to Read the Week 3 Political Detox Update.

Tight Lines & Godspeed, Patriots.

Thank you Readers!

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