Xcite Baits: Xtreme Stix Product Review

Xcite Baits Xtreme Stix Product Review

I want so badly to love this bait – especially because it’s made in the USA. I’m anxious to use other Xcite products… but these Stix will not be taking up any of the limited space in my tackle bag…

The Xtreme Stix by Xcite Baits are another entry in the soft plastic genre.

Xcite Baits Xtreme Stix Product Photo

We all know that cigar shaped baits catch largemouth and smallmouth bass (you can find my 4 favorites here), so stickbaits are something I always have on hand in some variation. These Xcite stickbaits come in a 7.25″ package and measure 5″ (they are 5.25″ to be exact), with a width of 0.5″ at their thickest point.

Available colors include:

Xcite Baits Xtreme Stix Color Options
Xtreme Stix Color Options
Watermelon Red
South African Special
Magic Craw
Green Pumpkin
Grape Ape

Xtreme Stix grabbed my interest when I saw they were listed as “high floaters”. The Xcite website states:

“The 5″ Xtreme Stix is the ultimate floating worm. Our own formulated plastic makes this bait much more durable than a typical stick bait with unmatched action. Use the Xtreme Stix on a shakey head, drop shot, ned rig, Carolina rig and even a Texas rig.”

So… are they the ultimate floating worm? Did they live up to the hype?

Not exactly…

Xtreme Stix: Quality

These stickbaits do not contain salt, or scent as far as I can tell – if it’s there it’s minimal. (Yes, I took a bite to test for both… y’all are worth it.) The plastic is tough. Not hard, but not super-soft. (Easy to bite through…)

Xcite Baits Xtreme Stix Product Photo
It really is a good looking stickbait.

My pack was consistent, with no flashing or mistakes from the manufacturing process. Color was awesome, with just a slight sheen on the plastic.

Really a good looking bait, but the lack of scent and salt (which admittedly would make the bait sink a bit) is disappointing. (I soaked mine in Dr. Juice Bass Attractant before I hit the lake to test these in the field.)

Xtreme Stix Quality Rating

3 Star Review Rating

Xtreme Stix: Durability

Even though the plastic has a fair amount of flex, it’s durable. The baits are not easy to tear, and they held up to both hooks and o-rings. They do not have much stretch.

Xcite Baits Xtreme Stix Product Photo
After removing the nail weight from the back end.

I inserted a nail weight into the bait at one point and it stayed put. In the image above I had removed the weight from the fat end of the plastic – minimal damage and no tearing.

Xtreme Stix Durability Rating

4 Star Review Rating

Xtreme Stix: Performance

Awful. I want so badly to love this bait – especially because it’s made in the USA. I’m anxious to use other Xcite products… but these Stix will not be taking up any of the limited space in my tackle bag.

Xcite Baits Xtreme Stix Product Photo
Xtreme Stix are Made in the USA

When you embrace the concepts of Minimalist Fishing, you freely discard baits and concepts that don’t work… no matter how good they look, or how they’re made.

I started rigged up with a braid-to-fluorocarbon Carolina rig, using a 1/8 ounce weight with a standard worm hook, and was surprised when I pulled the bait up close to shore: the stickbait sat flat on the bottom instead of floating up.

What?! Odd. Perhaps the fluorocarbon leader and hook are too heavy?

Decided to make an adjustment. “Let’s go straight to the braid with an even smaller hook and no fluoro to test if it floats. Then we’ll add a nail weight to make it sink.

As much as it pains me to say this, the bait slowly sank with just a 1/0 weedless wacky hook in it – on BRAID (which floats) even before I added the nail weight. I could not believe how poorly these performed.

Very, very disappointing… and unfortunate, because Xcite is so close to having something really cool here.

Maybe I got a bad batch… ?

Xtreme Stix Performance Rating

0 Star Review Rating

Xtreme Stix: Unique Features

Nothing about this bait is unique, although the shape and color options are really cool. That’s worth a few points.

Xcite Baits Xtreme Stix Product Photo
Quite the looker.

Xtreme Stix Unique Features Rating

2 Star Review Rating

Xtreme Stix: Cost

The cost at this time is $5.99 for a 6 pack.

I think.

It doesn’t list the quantity per pack on their website… but mine (which came in a subscription box) had 6. That’s not terrible, but there are so many better stickbait options with smaller price tags out there.

Stix are not worth the cost of admission.

Xtreme Stix Cost Rating

1 Star Review Rating

Xtreme Stix: Final Thoughts

As much as I wanted to love this bait, it doesn’t deliver on what it promises. Even though it looks great – it will not be taking up any of the limited space in my tackle bag. There are many other superior stickbaits available that offer more for less.

I look forward to trying other Xcite products – but as for the Xtreme Stix…

Minimize ’em.

Xtreme Stix: Final Rating


3 Star Review Rating


4 Star Review Rating


0 Star Review Rating


2 Star Review Rating


1 Star Review Rating
2 Star Review Overall Rating
Overall Rating: Xcite Baits Xtreme Stix

How our rating system works:

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Quality: Rates features like salt, scent, material(s), paint, finish, consistency, look & feel and/or flashing.
Durability: Rates the product backbone: components, hooks, finish and overall build.
Performance: Rates how the product looks & works in & out of the water.
Unique Features: Rates anything different that makes this item stand out.
Cost: Rates the overall value vs. the MSRP, not just the price.

Xcite Baits Company Info

Product Listing: https://xcitebaits.com/xtreme-stix/

For more information on Xcite Baits, Visit:


Xcite Baits
1300 N. Hwy 377 #100
Pilot Point, TX 76258

p. 940.324.3507
e. info@xcitebaits.com

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