What is Fisherman’s Elbow?

what is fishermans elbow

What is Fisherman’s Elbow?

Well, for starters… it’s freakin’ painful.

It’s discouraging.
It’s frustrating.
It deflates egos.
It reminds us of our mortality.
It ruins plans.

It sucks.

Fisherman’s Elbow is actually very similar to “shin splints”, but it affects our arms. It’s considered a common form of tendonitis, typically signifying aggravation & inflammation of the extensor tendon at the point of origin off the bone.

When I developed it, the pain was focused on the outer side of my arm between the elbow and wrist. Simple tasks like lifting a coffee cup became excruciatingly painful. Weight lifting was near impossible (I could tell something was really wrong, even though once I was adequately warmed up the pain seemed to go away… until the adrenaline wore off…) and outdoor activities like setting a hook while fishing?


Fisherman's Elbow Tennis Elbow Relief Armband Arm Band
When you’re “dad”… you just gotta deal with it… right?

If you are experiencing symptoms like this, you might have Fisherman’s Elbow. If you’re not sure what you have going on, consult with your doctor.

(Go ahead and read that last sentence one more time for me, dumplin’…)

What are the Other Names for Fisherman’s Elbow?

Clinically it’s known as: lateral epicondylitis

Non-clinically it’s known as F^%$@^!%@^%@$#!!!!!!

Other common names include:

  1. Tennis Elbow (Tennis Elbow Recovery Plan)
  2. Pitcher’s Elbow (Pitcher’s Elbow Recovery Plan)
  3. Racquetball Elbow (Racquetball Elbow Recovery Plan)
  4. Bowler’s Elbow (Bowler’s Elbow Recovery Plan)
  5. Golfer’s Elbow (Golfer’s Elbow Recovery Plan)
  6. Guess I can’t do Yardwork today Honey Elbow

Note that while these names are often used haphazardly to describe ALL elbow injuries, Fisherman’s Elbow is an exterior elbow injury. The interior elbow injuries can be treated the same way, but they are considered medial epicondylitis. It is not uncommon to see the name Golfer’s Elbow applied to interior elbow injuries, for example.

Is Fisherman’s Elbow Permanent?

No, it doesn’t have to be. Think of it more as an aggravation. That said, be careful. If your body is telling you it’s hurt, then you need to listen before causing permanent damage.

Fisherman's Elbow Tennis Elbow Relief Armband Arm Band
If you’re gonna be dumb, you gotta be tough…

The first thing to do is accurately diagnose your issue. You also want to rest if possible; stop whatever you have been doing that has aggravated your arm.

At this point, you’ll want to get on a elbow recovery plan of some sort.

How Do You Repair Fisherman’s Elbow?

The easiest thing to do is RICE.


If you do nothing else, at least apply these simple steps to help your body heal.

However, if you want a more robust recovery plan, make sure to grab this one for free.

You will notice that the plan I developed for my own recovery includes rest, ice and compression – but there are other steps I added in as well to expedite the healing process, and ultimately regain 100% functionality in my arm.

To this day, I am pain free.

seekway water shoes review 6 thumbs up aj
All healed up! Still dumb, though…

Not too shabby when you consider the fact that I was worried I had a permanent injury… or arthritis…

You might feel the same way.

Don’t despair!

Get on a plan and take control of your health.

Check out the other free downloads on this site, and subscribe for weekly updates that will improve your health and help you catch more fish!

Tight Lines & Godspeed, Patriots.

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