Wear Boots When You’re Fishing!

Attacked by a Killer Frog


Upon returning from a recent fishing trip spent throwing topwater baits from shore on a windy day, I noticed there was something on my boot… assuming it was goose crap (nice right?) the boot was removed for cleaning… but upon further inspection… one could see it was harboring a stowaway!


Ok not really… but it is probably not an awful idea to wear boots if you are going to be walking around ponds and lakes where there is a decent amount of fishing pressure:

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So I’m joking about the “attack”… but only partially. It’s a good idea to be careful when you are fishing pressured ponds and lakes. Opt for some protective footwear unless you are really watching where you are stepping. Had I been wearing flippy floppys this would have been embedded in my foot.

That could have sucked...
That could have sucked…

Now with that said – here’s a funny little tidbit:

All of my kids fell in love with this little frog. My oldest wants to use it to catch his first frog fish this summer, and that is our mission (we think this is a Lunkerhunt Pocket Frog if you are wondering). My youngest likes to look at my fishing stuff and when he gets to this little frog, he has to “give it a kiss”. My middle guy thinks this frog is super cute, too.

Checking out the stowaway frog.
Checking out the stowaway frog.

So the stowaway that almost killed me has more road to travel… he’s not done… his legacy will still be written!

After pulling him out of my boot with pliers, I straightened out the crooked hooks and sharpened them so he’s currently ready for action… if it ever stops snowing.

We’ll keep you posted… 😀

So watch your back and your footing – but make sure to keep getting out! I would trade 2 awesome topwater strikes like these for a hook in my foot any day…

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Let me know if you have a favorite pair of fishing boots, I need some new ones (plus a new fishing backpack now that I think about it) and take care of yourself out there!


Let’s get better.