Texas Rig PB Largemouth Bass

Texas Rig PB Grandebass Airtail Wiggler

Full video: https://youtu.be/WEic7MbNelE

My best LARGEMOUTH on a TEXAS RIG since I started this channel. The bait used was a Grandebass Airtail Wiggler. Pick a few up and get out there – they work!

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Grandebass Airtail Wiggler
Trokar EWG Hooks

I love largemouth bass fishing… now, let’s work so we can break more PBs!

Godspeed, Patriots.

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Fishing is never dull. You can always learn – even when the fish don’t bite. Fortunately, they DID bite today, but we had to make a few adjustments and even leave the lake we were at for greener pastures…

Let’s fish!

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