Panfish & Sufix ProMix | MMB Ep. 19

Panfish & Sufix ProMix | MMB Ep. 19

Testing some Sufix® ProMix monofilament fishing line at a familiar lake with crankbaits… but based on the conditions… the day turns into a panfish bonanza!!

Sufix ProMix™ is a perfectly balanced, low memory line that offers high knot strength and smooth casting. It’s perfect balance of performance properties assures smooth, easy handling. High tensile and knot strength with low stretch and high shock absorption provide fast, sure hooksets. Low memory which improves casting distance.

It’s also pretty darn cheap.

BASS IS BASS… and #TheHuntFor250 continues!

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Bass Count for the Season: 72

Location: Northern Illinois
Time of Year: 2nd Week of June – Afternoon
Weather: Bluebird Skies
Air Temperature: 88°F

Power Rig: Baitcaster w/ Strike King Swim Jig + DieZel Minnow
Finesse Rig: Spinning w/ Lightning Shad, Donkey Tails and Hula StickZ

Oh hey, check this out – you can still get a free copy of Ned Rig Secrets – guaranteed to help you catch more fish!

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Let’s get better.

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