Northern Wisconsin Bass Fishing a Beautiful Spring Fed Lake | MMB Ep. 31

Northern Wisconsin Bass Fishing a Beautiful Spring Fed Lake MMB 31

Northern Wisconsin Bass Fishing a Beautiful Spring Fed Lake with my Dad in the morning – then my son & brother in the evening. We caught a variety of species on this trip (which makes sense, as we were using jigs & spoons and even small wacky rigs) along both deep & shallow weed edges, but the best fish were smallmouth bass and a HUGE rock bass that my son landed.

Minocqua Wisconsin offers some of the best fishing, eating and atmosphere that you’ll find anywhere. We are huge fans of The Cheese Board and many of the downtown shops… and while these places near the lake help us enjoy the middle of the day… the morning and evenings are for one thing, and one thing only… fishing.

The Manitowish Chain O Lakes has a lot to offer up in that regard – and we specifically target areas shared by multiple-species like smallmouth bass, walleye, panfish, northern pike, and even the occasional largemouth bass – although the Wisconsin largemouth are usually not as large as what we grow in our neck of the woods.

We use fishing techniques that appeal across the board. Spoons flash like injured baitfish, while plastics resemble natural forage – or at times, chartreuse flash at dusk to get the attention of hungry predators in low light conditions.

If you’re in the area, make sure to use the tips & techniques shown in this video to catch your fill – and if Paul Bunyan’s opens back up – make sure to visit. That’s a good time as well.

Pure joy.

Northern Wisconsin Bass Fishing a Beautiful Spring Fed Lake

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Bass Count for the Season: 112

Location: Northern Wisconsin
Time of Year: 2nd Week of July – Morning & Evening
Weather: Cool & Clear
Air Temperature: 44°F / 72°F

Power Rig: Long Cast & Retrieve w/ Repainted Spoons
Finesse Rig: Spinning w/ 1/16 oz Mushroom Head Jigs & Hula Sticks + Weedless Wacky Rigged YUM Dinger (small)

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