Must-Have Tackle: Smallmouth Bass Fishing in Wisconsin

Must have tackle for smallmouth bass

I’m packing today. Headed to Iron River, Wisconsin with ‘da boys for the annual BroTrip. I’d love to tell you it’s a fishin’ trip, but the truth is the primary focus will probably be whiskey-fueled storytelling around the fire by the cabin. Reliving memories. Sharing new ones. Good times.

My buddy James and I started this tradition many moons ago, going consistently every year. The accompanying cast changes slightly. It’s nearly impossible to coordinate eight or nine schedules when there are kids and wives involved. James has an older brother named Mike who is flying in this year, and he likes to fish. There was a bit of chatter as we were making plans: “… so Hauser… you got a hitch on your truck?

Sure do.

Let’s make it happen, cap’n.

God willing, I’ll be fishing in Wisconsin tomorrow afternoon, and you can be darn sure these will be with me:

  1. Some Kalin’s Bucktail Jigs (for tipping w/ live bait)
  2. Kalin’s Marabou Jigs (for tipping w/ live bait)
  3. Jigworm(s) like the Strike King Super Finesse Worm
  4. Light-Wire Wacky Hooks
  5. Small Texas Rig Hooks

You can fish a lot of areas thoroughly just by having these 5 items with you, plus a handful of assorted weights. Here’s a few getting used last summer while fishing up near Minocqua, Wisconsin.

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* The hair jigs tipped with leeches are the sleeper hit… but even if we can’t get our hands on any leeches (as it is pretty late in the season for that), jigworms can help you cover an area well. Just adjust your weight depending on how fast and deep you want to fish!

This is a bit different than what I lean on in Illinois for smallmouth bass fishing, but if I’m in Wisconsin, you can bet these items are in my tackle bag.

If you have any questions, just let me know.

Tight Lines & Godspeed, Patriots!

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