Largemouth Bass Fishing a Mann’s 1-Minus under Algae Bloom #short

TMF Short #19 Largemouth Bass Fishing a Mann's 1-Minus under Algae Bloom

Fishing a Mann’s Baby 1-Minus is what allowed me to go from a crankbait novice, to a crankbait… well, not novice but whatever 1 step above that would be. I have a long way to go, but catching fish on crankbaits has quickly become one of my favorite ways to fish for largemouth (and smallmouth) bass!

Summer largemouth bass fishing comes with it’s fair share of challenges. Take sloppy, disgusting algae blooms for example. They’re gross. Now reduce the amount of water in a lake because of the heat, and that thick snot on top becomes a disgusting green blanket of dead bugs and line-discoloring stink.

The good news though, it it provides a lot of overhead cover for largemouth bass that are sitting up shallow, or even a bit further out from shore – like where this bass was caught. The thick snot blanket also hides YOU from the fish, which is a nice added bonus.

I can’t wait for summer.

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Let me know what you think – and if you have any luck, share your fish pics on Instagram and either tag me or shoot me a message!

Tight lines!

Some days… it all comes together…

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Let’s have some fun!