Illinois Largemouth Bass Fishing w/ Charlie’s Worms (LaSalle County) #short

Charlie's Worms Illinois Bass Fishing

Illinois fishing can be great at times – if you can stomach the way the state is run… and the taxes, the potholes, the corrupt politicians… it all comes with the territory. That said, the bass fishing helps make a lot of that nonsense tolerable.

I recently went out with some Charlie’s Worms to fish from the shore – and man – was I surprised when I hooked into this bugger. There were several fish caught on this bank fishing trip, and this was one of several to hit a green spade tail worm on a simple jig.

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If you fish largemouth in Illinois – give these a try and let me know how you do!

Make sure to check out this critical fishing tip for catching more fish in LaSalle County, Illinois!

Let’s get better.

Some days… it all comes together…

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Fishing is always fun – especially in Wisconsin – but it isn’t always as exciting as we’d like it to be. However, the slow days are what makes us appreciate the days when everything seems to come together, and you find loads of fish… like on this awesome morning.

Let’s have some fun!