How to Fish CHOCOLATE MILK (High Muddy Creeks & Rivers)

How to Fish CHOCOLATE MILK (High Muddy Creeks & Rivers)

Good afternoon, brothers.

Yesterday I was going over a trip from last June while working on a video for the fishing vlog. We had been getting rain off and on for about 72 – 48 hours – but nothing super heavy… so I thought I could go out and have another day of smallie bashin’… well, the water was high & muddy – like chocolate milk.

Fortunately, I was able to call an audible after 30 minutes of unproductive fishing. My F4 Rig was getting snagged up on all the creek bed debris, but my Pop ‘n Drop rig allowed me to make enough noise to attract fish in the muddy water and keep my trailing plastic off the bottom.

Check it out!

Chocolate Milk & Smallmouth Bass – Breakfast of Champions!

When the water is high and muddy like this, bass will move. They might move up or downstream. They might get in really close to cover (including the bank, boulders, timber – anything that can make them feel more secure or offer a current break) and they might seek out eddies or wider areas with slightly slower current.

They could have lockjaw… but… you’ll never know until you get out there and look for ’em.

Check out both of the techniques mentioned here, get after it, and let me know how it goes!

Tight Lines & Godspeed, Patriots.

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