Early Spring Chatterbait Bass Fishing (Z-Man CrossEyeZ in Fire Craw)

Stars & Bars Fishing Episode 1 Chatterbait Illinois

Largemouth Bass Fishermen love chatterbaits. They are very popular in certain situations, and popular in the early spring. Here in Illinois I haven’t had much luck bass fishing with them – but I’ve decided the best way to gain more confidence in this type of bait, is to put in some work.

Monsterbass recently sent me a Z-Man CrozzEyeZ in Fire Craw, with some Z-Man Razor ShadZ for trailers. The combo pairs well together, but it is difficult to get the trailer on the chatterbait because of the stretchiness of the material.

That said, once it is seated properly the two Z-Man products make for an effective little combo that should work well for Illinois bass fishing…

Let’s get to fishing, and I’ll tell you a bit more about the goals here on this channel as we go. Illinois fishing for now… but soon… Arkansas…

It’s go time.

Godspeed, Patriots.

Early Spring Chatterbait Bass Fishing (Z-Man CrossEyeZ in Fire Craw)

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Location: Northern Illinois
Time of Year: Last Week of April – Late Morning
Weather: Overcast & Chilly w/ Slight Breeze
Air Temperature: 50°F

Power Rig: Baitcaster w/ Z-Man CrossEyeZ Chatterbait w/ Z-Man RaZor ShadZ Trailer (both Fire Craw color)
Finesse Rig: Spinning Rod w/ 1/16 oz Mustad Jig (alt: Berkley Weedless Wacky Hook) & Lunkerhunt Lunker Stick

Oh hey, check this out – if you are working on a rod repair, grab this free checklist – I guarantee it will help you out!

Rod Repair Checklist Cover

Let’s get better.

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