Dinger Days: Fishing in Honor of YOU!

dinger days with the minimalist fisherman

Good morning brothers!

Today’s post is all about my appreciation of you!

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Appreciation, all around!

The biggest THANK YOU to everyone that makes a small monthly contribution to help keep this site active, free for everyone, and growing! I mean it. You’ve probably noticed this big button at the bottom of every post, along with a little blurb that asks you to pitch in for a sweet Pack o’ Dingers

This allows readers to make a small monthly donation – which is awesome – but I don’t want to just put that money in the bank. I want to use it in a way that’s fun. So this spring, we’ll be starting Dinger Days on the Stars & Bars Fishing Vlog.

A Dinger Day is a day full of dingers – wait no – scratch that – a Dinger Day is a day in-the-field dedicated to all of you that support this project!

I’ll take a monthly contribution, pick out a pack of YUM Dingers, and we’ll head out to see just how many fish we can catch on that single pack. As soon as the water warms a bit, we’re going to start with a pack of 4-inchers in a color I’ve never used before: Elder’s Magic.

Yum Dinger Stickbait Dinger Days Elders Magic
Cheap. Effective. The Yum Dinger in Elder’s Magic.

(Stickbaits are an incredibly versatile bait for largemouth and smallmouth bass. I have never been a “Senko guy“, but for some reason the YUM Dinger (in multiple sizes) has become a staple for me – along with Strike King Ochos, Zoom Zlinkys and Z-Man Bang StickZ.)

They all have a time and a place, but this last season the smaller YUM Dingers were the most consistent producers in my crystal-clear quarry lakes.

Jon Boat Bass Zara Puppy Yum Dinger Largemouth
Big ‘ol Bass on a little 3″ Dinger

So, we’re gonna go fish ’em together.

You and me, kid.

As a team.

We’re gonna figure out the best ways to present this bait… and with something like… a billion rigging options… it’s going to take us a while. Simplicity is key. You know that I harp on the fact you don’t need a boat full of baits to have an absolute blast on your favorite body of water.

Well… let me show you what I mean.

Dinger Days. Coming Soon.

Hilarious title, but I mean this – cheers to you!

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You guys are the best. Thanks for reading, sharing, and supporting!

Tight Lines & Godspeed, Patriots.

Thank you Readers!

Thanks for visiting! I’m going to keep doing everything possible to keep the helpful content coming, and FREE FOR EVERYONE… but I need your help. Please chip in by making a small monthly contribution to keep this site alive & growing. $4.96 will buy a sweet Pack ‘o Dingers, and with it, I promise to catch many bass in your honor. Thanks. You are a gentleman & a scholar! -AJ

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