Bigger Baits for Bigger Bass (Small Bass Too!)

Bigger Baits for Bigger Bass (Small Bass Too)

Fishing bigger baits for bigger bass sounds like such a simple concept. Bigger baits should mean putting more & bigger bass in the boat – right? Pulling more largemouth out to the shore, or sticking a better breed of smallmouth?

Well, it can… if the fish are keyed in on larger baits.

But what if the fish are focused on smaller forage?
What if you feel uncomfortable using bigger baits?
What if smaller baits have been working?
How do you gain confidence?
How do you reassure yourself that you’re not missing fish?

Simple. You test. You make changes and see what happens. One of the most important things you need to do is spend time on the water, and the truth of the matter is that a lot of that time needs to be spent testing new concepts. Otherwise, you’ll never grow, and progress goes a long way when it comes to happiness.

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As I mentioned, a 5.5″ stickbait is a morsel for some fish – but up until this day I had only been using a smaller 4″ stickbait. It was shorter and skinnier… and it had WORKED to this point. I wanted to try to see what would bite the larger bait.

I found out, and I suggest you try a similar test on your body of water!

Time to fish.

Let me know if you have any suggestions for improving, or a pond or creek to fish, or just want to say hey in the comments or on social media. I’m always trying to improve and appreciate your input. Thanks much!


Let’s get better.

Time of Year: 4th Week of May
Temperature: 58 degrees / morning / no wind

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