Bank Fishing High Percentage Spots for Largemouth Bass

Bank Fishing High Percentage Spots for Largemouth Bass

Want to catch more bass from shore? Keep your eyes peeled and make a point to bank fish high percentage spots. Recently we posted a video called “Bank Fishing Tips for Small City Lakes“, and this tip is meant to be an extension of that information – so make sure to check that out.

As I continue to improve, I want to see you do the same!

We’ll have more information coming soon regarding bank fishing, and we recently made some new modifications to the jon boat and took it out to test. We have a lot coming down the pike!

Time to fish.

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Let me know if you have any suggestions for improving, or a pond or creek to fish, or just want to say hey in the comments or on social media. I’m always trying to improve and appreciate your input. Thanks much!


Let’s get better.

Time of Year: 2nd Week of June
Temperature: 55 degrees / morning / no wind