Prevent Fishing Injuries (3 Easy Steps)

3 easy steps to prevent fishing injuries

Afternoon, Brothers.

Fishing injuries are a real thing. You know this, but guys that don’t fish aggressively would hear that and think:

“Dude how in the world do you injure yourself when you’re fishing?!”

Well… it’s really not that hard…

bill dance blooper gif

One misstep and KABOOM! You’re in the drink…

So this one time I leaned over a bit too far…

But these injuries are easy to recognize, because they are external. What about our internal injuries? Injuries like being misgendered, for example?!? Where does a misgendered fisherman go when he needs a safe space?!

Maybe take a long walk off a short pier.

… I’m kidding…

“Stop acting like a fruitcake.”

That’s what I tell my boys when they say something… fruity… anyway… internal injuries bro! Tendons and ligaments! That crap hurts. It can ruin the day, the trip, the fishing – all of it. Here are three simple steps that I would strongly suggest you take to heart if you want to avoid fishing injuries.

1. Eat Right & Heal Your Guts

Our outward appearance is a good indicator of our internal health.

Proper nutrition can help your body heal, and even more importantly, help you avoid injury. Prevention is better than recovery. Read that again. A multi-vitamin is a good start… but it’s important to give your body what it needs to stay healthy. A few years ago I started supplementing my multi with additional protein (to help with muscle support) and collagen (tissue strength, ligaments, skin & nails), then added them to a smoothie loaded with spinach and fruit to start my day.

Yes, it is delicious.

By lunch time, I’ve consumed 75 grams of protein and more healthy crap than I used to eat in a week!

We’ll discuss that smoothie recipe later, but just for starters, throw a scoop of each of these in a glass with water in the morning and follow it up with a cup of milk. BOOM. Over 40 grams of protein, calcium and collagen to boot. This is a great way to start your day.

These brands are very “clean” (which is why I personally use both) and don’t contain a lot of extra junk like artificial sweeteners (Walmart and other budget brands are famous for this – it’s not worth saving $3 man). We went even further into supplementation in the Elbow Repair article, but if you’re just getting started, adding protein and collagen to your daily routine is a great first step.

Do it.

Recovering from Fisherman's Elbow (Tennis Elbow Relief)
Recovering from Fisherman’s Elbow

2. Stretch Before Fishing

Yes. I’m serious.

Do I expect you to pull a Richard Simmons at the boat ramp?

Well no… unless you want to… ya fruitcake…

richard simmons gif
NOW we’re ready to fish…

But when you head out to the garage in the morning, take 3 minutes to stretch everything out. Simple stretches. No need to overcomplicate this. Start with the forearm routine listed in the elbow repair plan above, and add in a few stretches for your back and legs.

Just loosen up, get the juices flowin’. You’ll feel better, and you’ll reduce the likelihood of injury.

3. Listen To Your Body

I know that sounds like some hippy-dippy mumbo-jumbo, but if you lift, you know what I mean. Your body will tell you when to stop doing something.

stupid hippie dance gif
“Fish are like… creatures of the Universe too MAAAAAAAN.”

One of the skills that we need to learn is differentiating between being sore, and being injured.

Carrying a kayak up and down a small creek for example – that’ll make you sore. Dunking & trailering your boat by yourself? Sore. Hammering monster bass? Yup. Sore.

Jacking your ankle on some rocks in the creek bed? That’s an injury.

Creek Fishing Trip Low Water Kayak
I love carrying my kayak into hard-to-fish areas… but I’ve injured my ankles & knees on more than one occasion…

This is another rule I have taught to my boys: it’s ok to play sore, to be a man and work through the pain, but it’s NOT ok to play injured.

Playing injured is how you mess yourself up permanently.

Not worth it.

If your body tells you to stop… stop.

If you stop temporarily, your body will heal up faster. Take care of yourself, stay healthy and engage in preventative maintenance. You’ll be able to go on more fishing trips like this banger…

A Final Word on Hooks

Now, you’re saying to yourself:

“But what about hooks? You missed hooks! Can’t I get injured on HOOKS?!”

Yeah but… you’re on your own with that one sparky… just be smart, them buggers are pointy!

Tight Lines & Godspeed, Patriots.


warning for all fishermen this is serious

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